National Workforce Report: Triangle, Charlotte Facing Skills Gap Despite Population Increases

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Despite rapid population growth, the Triangle and Charlotte have a persistent skills gap that rank in the top 10 highest of the nation’s 50 largest cities, according to LinkedIn’s June Workforce report.

The report, released today, shows that Raleigh-Durham (listed together for the report) has the 9th largest skills gap among the nation’s top 50 cities by population. Additionally, Raleigh-Durham has the 8th highest scarcity of skills, and Charlotte has the 10th highest scarcity of skills.

These gaps persist despite the fact that Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte are among the fastest growing cities in the country. Charlotte ranked 6th out of 50 for cities that gained the most workers, and Raleigh ranked 9th for cities with the highest migration.  

Employers who offer family-friendly practices — both big and small — have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining talent: 

Therefore, family-friendly workplaces also are a powerful way for cities like Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte to lower the skills gap. For more on how family-friendly benefits show positive outcomes for business and families, click here. To stay informed about our work, click here.