National Poll: Paid Family Leave is the Most Coveted Work Benefit

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A new poll by benefits provider Unum shows that paid family leave is the most wanted workplace benefit, especially among millennials. According to a poll of 1,227 working adults, 58 percent of all workers (and 64 percent of millennials) want paid family leave from their employers, edging out benefits like flexible and remote work options (55 percent) or student loan repayment assistance (35 percent).

While 88% of employers in a 2016 WorldatWork study thought they should offer paid family leave, approximately 14 percent of civilian workers in the U.S. have access to it, and accessibility to paid family leave’s varies across organizations and industries.

86 percent of millennials, which now make up the largest percentage of U.S. workforce, also said they were less likely to leave a job offering paid parental leave.

Source: Unum