UNC Chapel Hill's 4th Trimester Project Launches a Hub of Postpartum Health Information

North Carolina, Trends

The 4th Trimester Project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Schools of Medicine and Social Work has launched NewMomHealth, a hub of evidence-based, expert-written, reality-centered postpartum health information.

This new resource was designed to help the four million new mothers in the United States each year navigate the physical, emotional, and relational joys and challenges of early motherhood. The site aims to build community and create a space for women and the people who love them to share resources and learn together.

Through years of stakeholder meetings, human-centered design, focus groups, research, and a national survey, the 4th Trimester Project team partnered with new mothers, health care providers, researchers, public health professionals, community leaders and organizations to create NewMomHealth.com. The team is continuing to expand content, test new features, and incorporate feedback from partners and new mothers.

This website is designed to provide the latest medical evidence and offer real, honest stories to inform postpartum planning. Content on maternal physical and emotional health and resources for relationships and intersecting needs is available free of charge through the website and will be offered as patient education through licensed channel partners.

The information on the website has been reviewed by health care providers and content specialists. However, women are always encouraged to contact their health care provider with questions or concerns.

In addition to the comprehensive expert-written postpartum health content, NewMomHealth.com provides information about transitioning to motherhood – from building a “mom village,” to navigating changing relationship dynamics, finding community and local support, and an opportunity to hear from and engage with new mothers themselves. All content is tailored information for new mothers’ lived experiences. Site content is mobile-friendly with one-click, easy links and images for users to easily post and share content across their communication or social media channels.

During the “4th Trimester,” many women and their families – especially those with limited resources – experience considerable, interrelated challenges that are not well supported by communities, businesses, and society. As the 4th Trimester Project team has stated, “The baby is the candy; the mom is the wrapper. Once the candy is out of the wrapper, the wrapper is cast aside.” NewMomHealth.com is part of a larger movement the UNC team and their colleagues are undertaking to change the way America treats new mothers.

Learn more about the first postpartum self-care website designed by mothers, for new mothers. Visit NewMomHealth.com.