Three facts to prove the demand for family-friendly workplaces is here to stay


The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on how we work are profound and long-lasting. Employers must (and are) continuing to adjust to the “new way of work,” which includes an increased demand for family-friendly workplace practices. Below are three facts that show the demand for family-friendly workplaces practices is stronger than ever.

Family-friendly benefits continue to be a great retention tool

In a 2022 MetLife national survey, 73 percent of employees say increased benefits would make them want to stay at their current employer longer. And according to a survey of employees who work for a Great Places to Work, 91 percent of parents who work for employers with paid parental leave say they want to work at their companies for a long time, compared with the 55 percent of parents at a typical U.S. workplace who are open to changing jobs by the end of this year.

The Great Resignation isn’t over yet

Even with a recession looming, the Great Resignation isn’t over yet. A recent survey by HR consulting firm Robert Half shows that 46 percent of people plan to look for a new job in 2023. Workers most likely to leave their employer include Gen Zers, working parents and employees who’ve been with their company fewer than five years.

More employers are expanding their benefits

Employers are responding by expanding their benefit offerings. A survey conducted by the Integrated Benefits Institute, a nonprofit, shows that 40 percent of employers made changes to their benefit plans in the last year, including adding remote options (42 percent) EAP programs (27 percent) and caregiver leave (20 percent). And a survey by Mercer shows that 70 percent of large employers are planning to expand their benefits in 2023.

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