Slate: Companies Must Address Child Care Needs to Stay Competitive


As more parents enter the workforce, the need to educate and care for our next generation of employees during their critical first 2,000 days is more important than ever, according to a May 7 Slate article. Yet half of U.S. workers lack access to quality child care options; waiting lists across the country are long; and North Carolinians moms and dads spend an average of one third of their incomes on child care

The good news: more employers are providing their employees with child care options, and they’re noticing big benefits to their bottom line. Investing in quality early childhood instruction provides a $16 return for every $1 spent, according to a national report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Furthermore, businesses who provide child care options for employees can recoup some of the $4.4 billion they lose each year when employees miss work because of child care issues. 

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