Sample Policy: Part-time Work

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The following is from Duke University’s HR website. For the full list of benefits at Duke, click here.

Abbreviated Schedule or Part-Time Work

Abbreviated schedule or part-time work is a regular arrangement consisting of a workweek that is less than the standard 40 hours per week. Abbreviated schedule and part-time work can attract and retain trained and experienced staff who cannot work full-time due to personal commitments.

Abbreviated Schedule

Staff members who work an abbreviated schedule are hired to regularly established positions for a period of at least nine months or for the academic year and are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week but less than 40 hours per week.

These staff members are eligible, generally on a pro rata basis, for all benefits and pay premiums. For employees scheduled to work less than 30 hours per week, Duke does not make contributions to health care insurance premiums. In addition, employees will have benefit accumulations suspended during periods of layoff of 30 calendar days or more. However, they may provide for the continuation of their group life and health care insurance coverage during the period of layoff by making arrangements for the payment of premiums as required by the applicable policies.

Part-Time Schedule

Staff members who work a part-time schedule are hired to regularly established positions and are regularly scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week. These staff members are not eligible for benefits or pay premiums other than Military Leave, Family Medical Leave, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and Overtime as worked.

Advantages and Challenges

Abbreviated or part-time staff members often manage their time well and are very productive.Although an abbreviated or part-time schedule should not be detrimental to a staff member’s career development or promotion opportunities, the staff member’s career development may be slowed because of limited availability for training opportunities, special projects, and the like.
Abbreviated and part-time staff members have more time outside of work to take care of personal responsibilities; as a result, they are often very focused on the tasks at hand during their scheduled work time.Abbreviated or part-time schedules may present communications challenges since the staff member is not always present during regular business hours.
Abbreviated and part-time schedules may be a good arrangement for staff members doing project-oriented or independent work, or for staff members making a transition back into the work force after a leave of absence.Abbreviated and part-time schedules may not be a good arrangement for staff members whose work requires continual contact with internal and/or external customers.
Abbreviated and part-time arrangements may help retain staff members that need more time to meet personal responsibilities but want to continue to make a contribution to the bank.Shorter work hours mean less money in the paycheck.

Abbreviated Schedule Example

Nancy discovered that working an abbreviated schedule helped decrease much of the stress associated with balancing work and home life following the birth of her daughter.

She now works Monday through Thursday, based on a 32 hour work schedule, but as an exempt employee, she works the hours needed to accomplish the responsibilities of her job and maintains flexibility to come in on Friday if her attendance is required at a meeting. However, having an extra day off during the week allows her to spend more time with her daughter. She has found that her flexible work arrangement allows her to be a better mom and be more productive when she is at work.

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