Sample Policy: Emergency and Backup Child Care

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The following is from an employee FAQ for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s subsidized back-up and emergency childcare. Blue Cross NC, headquartered in Durham, has 4,700 employees. 

  • Annual Day Allotment for Onsite Backup Childcare: Employees are allocated 30 days per child per year at a subsidized cost.
  • Additional Program Weeks: We will offer program weeks in the during Spring, Summer and Winter Breaks. The program weeks will include special programming and/or field trips. These days are in addition to your annual allotment of back-up days will not count toward the annual allotment of 30 back-up days per child per year. Program days can be reserved up to 90 days in advanced.
  • Infant Care and Time of Transition (TOT) Program: The TOT program includes a 4 consecutive week childcare program available to help new parents as they transition back into the workplace after having or adopting a child.
  • Additional Onsite Backup Childcare Days: Employees who require more than the allotted 30 days will be able to use the back-up childcare center at the full-price rate (based on fair market value) for up to 15 additional days. This will allow employees to utilize the back-up childcare center, even on days that they hadn’t planned on it.

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