Sample Policy: Support for Breastfeeding Mothers

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Below are the lactation room rules for Aeroflow Healthcare, Inc., an Asheville-based durable medical equipment provider.

Photo of the Aeroflow pumping room. Courtesy of Aeroflow.

Aeroflow is committed to supporting our moms by providing the time and space needed to meet her breastfeeding goals. Because every mom has her own unique breast pumping schedule, we have created a private, dedicated, and comfortable lactation room for moms to express breast milk.

In order to make the process as easy as possible, each mom will reserve pumping times on their personal calendar, as well as a pumping room calendar located in the lactation room. Others will respect the time just like it is another meeting, and supervisors know not to schedule over pumping times.  

The calendar can also act as a reminder for moms to maintain their pumping schedules. When a mom is using her breast pump, she is not expected to answer emails, calls, or multitask in any other way.

Aeroflow Lactation Room Rules 

The Aeroflow Pumping Room is designed for breastfeeding moms. As such, the room is reserved moms ONLY in order to use their breast pumps in a comfortable, quiet, and private space. The lactation room is not to be used by anyone other than lactating moms, and is not a space for employees to have phone calls, meetings, naps, or other activities.

The pumping room is equipped with appliances to be used solely for breast milk. The refrigerator is only for the purpose of storing breast milk and breast pump kits. The sink is only to be used to clean breast pump parts.  

To reserve the pumping room, add your name to the Google calendar. As a reminder, please add your name to the whiteboard on the door too.

For an in-person look at Aeroflow’s pumping room and workplace policies, read this blog post from a mother and Aeroflow employee about her experience.

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