COVID-19 Return to Work

A post-COVID world means employers must plan for employees to face additional child care challenges, school closures, and the need to take time off to care for themselves or a loved one. Family-friendly business practices such as paid leave, support for child care, flexible work options, and other policies outlined in our Guide to Family Forward Workplaces will help employers:

  • Emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with a strategic advantage
  • Bring employees back to work more quickly and more fully
  • Establish a culture of resilience and security to attract and retain talent
  • Support the health and well-being of children and their families.

That’s why we created our new Rapid Response program. Rapid Response offers no cost access to HR experts to assist employers in identifying industry-appropriate, family-friendly workplace benefits during re-opening and to help employers and working parents build resilience during and after the COVID crisis.

Rapid Response focuses specifically on the manufacturing and hospitality industries and small businesses. Our recommendations and tools can also apply to other industries. Together with our HR partners at Performentor, we’ve created tools and resources for employers to access:

  • Family Forward Return to Work Kit for Hospitality
  • Family Forward Return to Work Kit for Manufacturing
  • A companion webinar series
  • A webinar specific to small business
  • No cost initial targeted consultation with the team at Performentor.

Fill out the form below to access the Family Forward NC Return to Work Kits and companion webinars: