Announcing our Rapid Response Program to Inspire Employers to be Business Smart, Family Friendly and Future Ready During and After the Covid-19 Crisis

NCECF, News, North Carolina

Family-friendly workplace policies are essential now more than ever to the business bottom line and to child and family health and well-being.

That’s why we created our new Rapid Response program. Rapid Response offers tools and resources along with no cost access to HR experts to assist employers in identifying industry-appropriate, family-friendly workplace benefits during re-opening and to help employers and working parents build resilience during and after the COVID crisis. You can access all of our Rapid Response tools and resources and learn more here.

A post-COVID world means employers must plan for working parents to face additional child care challenges, school closures, and the need to take time off to care for themselves or a sick family member. Family-friendly business practices such as paid leave, support for child care, flexible work options, and other policies and practices outlined in our Guide to Family Forward Workplaces will help employers return to business (and employees to return to work) in a way that allows for continued viability for business and continued health and well-being for the families of all workers.

Through Rapid Response, Family Forward NC and our HR partners at Performentor provide employers with tools and resources to help them be more resilient now and in the future, including:

  • access to HR experts with experience in hospitality and manufacturing to assist employers in considering industry-appropriate workplace benefits;
  • a Family Forward Return to Work Kit and companion webinar series so employers can learn how to offer workplace benefits for successful transitioning back into operation/retooling;
  • a blind spot analysis;
  • and no cost small group or individual initial targeted consultation.