Aeroflow Healthcare, Inc.

Location: HQ in Asheville, offices throughout NC • Year Founded: 2000 • Number of Employees: 400

When Aeroflow Healthcare, Inc. announced an expansion of its maternity leave policy in November 2017, it was more than a nice, …

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Location: Taylorsville • Year Founded: 1989 • Number of Employees: Over 900

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant in Taylorsville, a rural town in Alexander county just north of Charlotte, may be …

YWCA Lower Cape Fear

Location: Wilmington • Year Founded: 1914 • Number of Employees: 75

For anyone who thinks having child care at work would be a tempting distraction, Katie Tate, chief program officer for the YWCA Lower Cape Fear, disagrees. …

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Location: Durham • Year Founded: 1933 • Number of Employees: 4,700

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, employees don’t have to miss a day of work when their regular child care falls through. Blue …

N2 Publishing

Location: Wilmington • Year Founded: 2004 • Number of Employees: 262

When N2 Publishing (N2) began searching for new office space in Wilmington, they took an unusual approach: they first polled their local team members to find …

Forrest Firm

Location: Statewide • Year Founded: 2011 • Number of Employees: 45

When real estate paralegal and mother of two Christina McComas decided to leave the large corporate law firm she had been with for 17 years to …

SEPI Engineering and Construction

Location: Raleigh • Year Founded: 2001 • Number of Employees: 325

Founded by Sepideh Saidi, SEPI Engineering and Construction is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm based in Raleigh with branch offices in Charlotte and Wilmington. The firm provides …

R. Riveter

Location: West End and Southern Pines (with contractors located across the country) • Year Founded: 2012 • Number of Employees: 37 FT employees; 36 contractors (known as Riveters)

Military spouses provide strength and support to their service …


Location: Statewide • Year Founded: 1971 • Number of US Employees: 160,000

With more than 300 locations across the state, North Carolinians are never too far from their favorite Starbucks latte. And with a predictable scheduling policy …

The Mulberry Partners

Location: Durham and Chapel Hill • Year Founded: 2003 • Number of Employees: 4

As teenagers, Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas made a pact. After working together on a high school English project, the two vowed …

Lulu Press

Location: Morrisville • Year Founded: 2005 • Number of Employees: 60-65

Lulu Press’ offices are enlivened with floor-to ceiling graphics and brightly colored conference rooms decorated by different departments Although online customers may not see the space, …

North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

Location: Raleigh • Year Founded: 2013 • Number of Employees: 4

Every day, the staff of the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) works to fulfill the Raleigh-based nonprofit’s mission to build a foundation of opportunity and …


Location: Offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Morrisville • Year Founded: 1845 • Number of Employees: Over 84,000

Consulting firm Deloitte, with offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Morrisville, recruits approximately 20,000 employees each year.

That means Deloitte is constantly …

Katie Button Restaurants

Location: Asheville • Year Founded: 2008

In the food service industry, working while sick is often a fact of life:

  • Nationally, nearly 90 percent of restaurant workers do not have paid sick time.1
  • Two-thirds of restaurant workers