Raydal Hospitality and Sabor Latin Street Grill

Location: Charlotte • Number of Employees: 230

Raydal Hospitality LLC, managing company for Sabor Latin Street Grill, is constantly working on innovative ways to support its workforce and the community, says Miriam Espaillat, the company’s director of community …

Person County

Location: Roxboro • Number of Employees: 400

John Hill’s son Rollins

Person County Manager Heidi York believes that when it comes to family-friendly workplaces, government can lead by example—especially in a smaller, tight-knit community.

“Government has a role …

Coastal Credit Union

Location: Raleigh • Number of Employees: 525 across the state

Kee Kee Whitley and family

Kee Kee Whitley already had her hands full with three teenage children and a career in financial services when she was diagnosed with …

Katie Button Restaurants

Location: Asheville • Year Founded: 2008

Liese Freund and family

At Katie Button Restaurants, which includes the popular and acclaimed Asheville restaurants Cúrate and Button & Co. Bagels, the journey to family-friendly benefits has been a gradual and …

RTI International

Location: Durham • Number of Employees: Over 5,000 globally

For RTI International, being family friendly is part of fulfilling the company’s mission.

“Our mission to improve the human condition extends to taking care of our employees,” says Marjorie …

Aeroflow Healthcare, Inc.

Location: HQ in Asheville, offices throughout NC • Year Founded: 2000 • Number of Employees: 400

When Aeroflow Healthcare, Inc. announced an expansion of its maternity leave policy in November 2017, it was more than a nice, …

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Location: Taylorsville • Year Founded: 1989 • Number of Employees: Over 900

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant in Taylorsville, a rural town in Alexander county just north of Charlotte, may be …

YWCA Lower Cape Fear

Location: Wilmington • Year Founded: 1914 • Number of Employees: 75

For anyone who thinks having child care at work would be a tempting distraction, Katie Tate, chief program officer for the YWCA Lower Cape Fear, disagrees. …

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Location: Durham • Year Founded: 1933 • Number of Employees: 4,700

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, employees don’t have to miss a day of work when their regular child care falls through. Blue …

N2 Publishing

Location: Wilmington • Year Founded: 2004 • Number of Employees: 262

When N2 Publishing (N2) began searching for new office space in Wilmington, they took an unusual approach: they first polled their local team members to find …

Forrest Firm

Location: Statewide • Year Founded: 2011 • Number of Employees: 45

When real estate paralegal and mother of two Christina McComas decided to leave the large corporate law firm she had been with for 17 years to …

SEPI Engineering and Construction

Location: Raleigh • Year Founded: 2001 • Number of Employees: 325

Founded by Sepideh Saidi, SEPI Engineering and Construction is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm based in Raleigh with branch offices in Charlotte and Wilmington. The firm provides …

R. Riveter

Location: West End and Southern Pines (with contractors located across the country) • Year Founded: 2012 • Number of Employees: 37 FT employees; 36 contractors (known as Riveters)

Military spouses provide strength and support to their service …


Location: Statewide • Year Founded: 1971 • Number of US Employees: 160,000

With more than 300 locations across the state, North Carolinians are never too far from their favorite Starbucks latte. And with a predictable scheduling policy …

The Mulberry Partners

Location: Durham and Chapel Hill • Year Founded: 2003 • Number of Employees: 4

As teenagers, Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas made a pact. After working together on a high school English project, the two vowed …

Lulu Press

Location: Morrisville • Year Founded: 2005 • Number of Employees: 60-65

Lulu Press’ offices are enlivened with floor-to ceiling graphics and brightly colored conference rooms decorated by different departments. Although online customers may not see the space, …

North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

Location: Raleigh • Year Founded: 2013 • Number of Employees: 4

Every day, the staff of the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) works to fulfill the Raleigh-based nonprofit’s mission to build a foundation of opportunity and …


Location: Offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Morrisville • Year Founded: 1845 • Number of Employees: Over 84,000

Consulting firm Deloitte, with offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Morrisville, recruits approximately 20,000 employees each year.

That means Deloitte is constantly …