About the Guide

Our goal is to build a community of employers who are inspired to support the health and well-being of our state’s current and future workforce. The Guide to Family Forward Workplaces details research-informed benefits that positively impact child health and well-being and provide a positive return on investment for employers. In addition to information about each policy and its impact, we’ve provided sample policies, case studies from North Carolina employers and concrete steps for how to get started when implementing new policies or enhancing existing ones.

The Guide to Family Forward Workplaces will be available for download soon.

How to Use the Guide

Throughout the guide, we’ve highlighted steps that businesses of all sizes and in all industries can take to make their organizations more family friendly. We’ve also incorporated data specific to employers of hourly and low-wage workers, who are less likely to have access to family-friendly benefits.

Not all policies within this guide are right for every employer; however, the variety of options provides something for everyone. We encourage human resource professionals, business owners, CEOs, and employees to use this guide as a reference to start or continue conversation and action within your organization. Perhaps that’s a survey of employees to determine what benefits they would value most. Perhaps it’s a review of existing policies to ensure they are based on best practice and research. Perhaps it’s a commitment to consider (or re-consider) a paid parental leave policy or a lactation room to support breastfeeding mothers. Whatever it is, we encourage you to take the next step toward becoming a Family Forward workplace.