Fedweek: House DoD Bill Focuses on Hiring, Benefits, Work-Life Programs


A Department of Defense bill approved May 24 by the U.S. House orders a report on DoD’s use of telework and flexible work scheduling with a goal to expand these practices, according to a news report on Fedweek.

Citing a report in the bill, the article says the Department of Defense is concerned that a “lack of professional flexibility in the civilian work force limits the ability of the Department of Defense and the military services to attract and retain highly trained mid-level career professionals. Family planning and an individual’s desire to further their education are two frequently cited reasons why professionals seek more flexible work.” 

NC employees agree: 85% say flexible work hours are an important benefit to them. For the full Fedweek article, click here. For more on how flexible work scheduling benefits employers and families, check out our policy briefing book, The Research Basis for Family-Friendly Workplaces