Through Family Forward NC, we’ve engaged with more than 6,200 employers across the state and helped employers of all sizes and industries create and change their policies to make their workplaces healthier for employees and their families and to better support North Carolina’s children.

Along the way, we’ve been contacted by organizations outside the state of North Carolina who are looking to inspire employers in their own communities. So we’ve created a playbook to help you do just that.

How to Build a Family Forward Community, our newest resource, allows you to take what we’ve learned and customize it to make your community more family-friendly, too. The licensed materials will:

  • introduce you to Family Forward NC and our strategy; 
  • help you understand your own state’s family-friendly landscape; 
  • and educate and engage employers in your state. 

The goal is to inspire employers in all industries and of all sizes to increase access to family-friendly practices that improve workplace productivity, recruitment and retention; grow a strong economy; and support children’s healthy development.

Who should consider How to Build a Family Forward Community?

Early childhood organizations, chambers of commerce, business associations, economic development departments, local and state government departments, and public/private coalitions outside the state of North Carolina. (For organizations in North Carolina, please contact us, because we love to partner!)

What does it include?

Inside How to Build a Family Forward Community, you will find:

  • An overview of Family Forward NC
  • A strategy overview, which will walk you through three years of the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation’s groundbreaking work to foster employer-led change
  • A template to conduct surveys or interviews with employers and employees in your state
  • Our Guide to Family Forward Workplaces, along with suggestions for how to customize the guide for your state
  • A template to create case studies of Family Forward employers in your state

Materials are customizable and adaptable in accordance with the licensing conditions, so you can make them your own. 

Do you offer additional support?

We also offer opportunities for one-on-one and small group strategy and implementation consultation. 

How do I learn more?

To learn more about investing in How to Build a Family Forward Community and consultation opportunities, contact Lisa Finaldi at For more about How to Build a Family Forward Community, visit our website.