Paid Parental Leave Now Available for Approximately 56,000 State Workers

North Carolina

Last week, Gov. Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order providing paid parental leave to approximately 56,000 North Carolina state agency employees.

Effective September 1, state employees of any North Carolina department, agency, board or commission under the oversight of the governor will receive 100 percent pay for eight weeks after giving birth or for four weeks after their partner gives birth or to bond with and care for a child after an adoption or foster placement.

This Executive Order follows an earlier Executive Order requiring pregnancy accommodations for pregnant workers.

“This new paid parental leave policy will give state employees more time to recover from childbirth and give their newborns the care and attention they need,” Gov. Cooper said. “It will help reduce gender inequality in our workplaces, and it will help our state attract and retain a strong workforce.”

Below is the official statement of support from the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation, represented by Community Engagement Leader Lisa Finaldi:

“Governor Cooper’s decision to provide employees in his cabinet agencies with paid parental leave is commendable and will strengthen the state’s workforce. Research shows that family-friendly workplaces benefit employers, employees and children’s health, education and well-being. In a strong economy with low unemployment and a wide skills gap, 94 percent of NC employees say family-friendly policies help businesses attract and retain talent and keep companies strong, according to a poll NCECF commissioned through the Family Forward NC initiative.

We encourage employers across NC to follow Governor Cooper’s lead and provide more family friendly benefits to their workforces. Governor Cooper also released an executive order in December ensuring workplace accommodations for pregnant women in cabinet agencies. These steps demonstrate his commitment to employees, families and our state’s future workforce.”