Employers Can Support Their Employees Child Care Needs


Key Takeaways From Our Conversation With A Child Care Expert

One  of the perks of being a Family Forward NC Certified Employer (along with the recognition that your workplace supports children and families) is our series of learning programs exclusively for certified employers. 

Recently, certified employers had the chance to join us for a conversation with Marsha Basloe, former President of the Child Care Services Association (CCSA). Marsha shared her knowledge about the state of child care in North Carolina, her experience working to address challenges of access to quality and affordable child care and her recommended steps employers can take to help alleviate these challenges. She also provided employers with options to support their employees’ child care needs today and the future, along with sharing some resources and consultation for how to get started. 

Below is a quick peek inside the session. To access full programs for certified employer, you can start your employer certification application!  

  • Throughout North Carolina, Child Care Services Association provides employer consultation about supporting employee’s child care needs. Employers can learn more about consultation at https://www.childcareservices.org/contact/. You can choose “other” and share what you are looking for. Some consultation may be fee based.
  • The Child Care Resource & Referral Network (CCR&R) has enhanced referral services available to employers for a fee. To learn more about the CCR&R Network and those services, contact Mary Erwin at marye@childcareservices.org.
  • Employers can support employee’s child care needs in a variety of ways, including offering subsidies, contributing to Dependent Care FSAs, reserving slots at child care programs, or brokering discounts at child care programs.
  • There are federal tax credits for employers for specific child care supports and federal incentives through the CHIPS Act.

Employers interested in learning more about how to support their employees’ child care needs can visit the child care section of our Guide to Family Forward Workplaces.

Employers who are interested in becoming certified and taking advantage of all the perks of certification – including these exclusive programs – can learn more here.