Employee Loyalty May Lie in Family Friendly Policies

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Regardless of the industry, attracting and retaining a strong workforce is key to growing a thriving business. When businesses consider their company culture, policies, and benefits, they should prioritize building a family-friendly workplace. 

  • 73% of employees in North Carolina would be more committed to their employer if they offered more family-friendly practices.
  • 86% of US millennials, which now make up the greatest percentage of the workforce, say they are less likely to leave an employer that offers paid parental leave.
  • 94% of NC employees say that family-friendly policies help businesses attract and retain talent and keep companies strong.

Greensboro is leading the way in North Carolina, aiming to become the first Family Forward NC Certified community in the state

Local governments have been early adopters—both the City and County are Family Forward NC Certified Employers and private employers are following suit. Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan states, “To be a future-ready community is so important, as it really defines what our values are and what we see in our future that will help us attract talent. Not only do we want our city to be certified but our community to be certified—and lead the way when it comes to the recruitment and retention of employees.”

Being a family-friendly workplace isn’t just about paid leave and child care (although those are important). It’s about supporting your employees first as parents and caregivers, and trusting that when people have the support they need, they can bring their best selves to work. 

As part of its Future Ready Greensboro partnership with Family Forward NC, Action Greensboro interviewed Charles Aris CEO Chad Oakley on why his company became a Family Forward NC Certified employer. 

“We became a family-friendly certified employer to be more competitive in the marketplace. When it comes to talent and to retaining our talent, anytime you can increase an employee’s flexibility in their life and also their opportunities to spend time with family members—it’s good for business and it’s also good for society.”

Hear more about how Greensboro is helping companies attract and retain talented employees through family-friendly workplaces.