Family-friendly workplaces strengthen our state

Family Forward NC is an innovative initiative to improve children’s health and well-being and keep North Carolina’s businesses competitive. It is employer-led change to increase access to research-based, family-friendly practices — big and small — that improve workplace productivity, recruitment and retention; grow a strong economy; and support children’s healthy development.

Business Smart.

Family-friendly workplaces have a strong competitive advantage.

Family Friendly.

The benefits of family-friendly workplaces are numerous and long-lasting.

Future Ready.

To prepare our future workforce for success, we have to start in early childhood.

Families Have Changed.

But workplaces haven’t.

75% of moms
50% of dads

Seventy-five percent of US mothers and fifty percent of US fathers say they’ve passed up work opportunities, switched jobs, or quit to care for their children.Footnote # 1

According to the Federal Reserve in San Francisco, there would be 5 million more workers in the US workforce if parents had access to more family-friendly benefits.

40% of parents nationwide say they’ve left a job because it lacked flexibility.

North Carolina employers engaged

Family Forward in Action

Wells Fargo Economist: Child Care is an Economic Issue

May 24, 2022

Economists for Wells Fargo Bank released a report in March on the impact of child care for employers and the U.S. workforce. The report highlights both the importance of child…

Family Forward Featured in an ncIMPACT Panel on Solutions to the Workforce Shortage

May 9, 2022

Last week, NC Early Childhood Foundation Community Engagement Leader Lisa Finaldi joined an esteemed group of panelists and the UNC School of Government ncIMPACT Initiative for an important conversation about…

Employers Play a Role in Building Strong Foundations, Preventing Child Abuse

April 25, 2022

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and this year’s theme is “growing better together, we CAN prevent child abuse, North Carolina.” We all have a stake in preparing NC’s children…

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